Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Our Horses Against Theirs - I aint talking about the Euros- Im talking the World

Our Horses Against Theirs
I ain't talking about the Euros- I'm talking the World

We have got to face it folks, the World is now going to be aiming for The Breeders Cup Classic, a race mostly dominated by American Dirt Horses. At $5 million dollars this race is one of the most prestigious races in the world and you can be sure that the connections of any dangerous turf horses that run well will be looking to complete the Arc - Classic double now that its known that our dirt horses don't run as well on the synthetics, they know the playing field is much more level and will be looking to take advantage of that from now up until the B.C. is run in a traditional manner at a location where there is dirt racing. Someone mentioned that there is a chance that one of the T.C. races could be or possibly would be run on synthetics, this is possible, it would be a sad day for racing if it happened but very few people can control this. What we have to hope for is that our connections will circle the wagons and learn to deal with the surface it seems inevitable that this is the path that we are being taken down, and although many of us dont like it we may have to get used to it. I'm hoping that we will learn from the B.C. weekend and next year have our top horses ready and send the world back home packing with their tails between their legs.

Any comments.


gottabekd64 said...

Do you think our horses don't run well on synthetics because we won't let 'em?? If Curlin spent a bit more time than a month on it would he have been better prepared? I think the track played pretty fair that day, and the best horses that day won. What are all the trainers who have avoided synthetics going to do when teh east coast starts mandating synthetic tracks too? Are they better? I don't know. Maintenance is the key no matter what the surface I think- but who sets the standard for proper maintenance?
Like it or not I think synthetics are the future of racing so if US horses want to remain competetive on a world stage....

Afleet Treet said...

I agree K! We are all aware that Curlin's best performance over any new track or surface is his second performance. I think he would have done better if he had gotten a race under his belt. Not so much for the win but for the experience. Not that it would have helped since the Euros were monsters this year and shipped beautifully. Curlin race a great race but not THE best of the day. I was SUPER impressed by the Euros and Casino Drive leading into the race. Henry & the Duke looked awesome. Raven's Pass looked pretty good although I don't remember him being a standout...The Duke of Marmalade was a standout...as was Curlin. Student Council looked really good too. After the race Tiago looked amazing when they unsaddled him. He has REALLY filled out nicely since last year. I think over all the Euros were very impressive this year and that we here in America better start training more "turf like" horses because I have a feeling the synthetics are the wave of the future in horseracing. I guess next year will really be the deciding factor.