Monday, November 3, 2008

2008 Horse of the Year - Curlin Vs Zenyatta

2008 Horse of the Year - Curlin Vs Zenyatta
Does anyone have any thoughts about this race. It would be great to see on the track. Although both have their advantages. Curlin's dirt and Zenyatta's synthetics. I for one would not be disappointed either way. But there are some fundamental truths that have to be acknowledged before you cast your vote.

Fact Curlin Ran 7 times - 6 Grade 1's - 5 wins, second place.
Face Zenyatta ran 7 times - 4 Grade 1 - 3 Grade 2's
Curlin faced over 20 Grade 1 winning horses this year
Zenyatta faced 5 Grade 1 winning horses this year
Curlin won $5 million in earnings
Zenyatta won $2 million in earnings.
These are just a few facts that a person wants to keep in mind when thinking about Horse of the Year voting. There are no kinks in either horses armor just food for thought. We will post a poll later today to see where everyone stands.


The Turk said...

I vote for Curlin. He raced all over the world, not just Southern California. He took on different surfaces.

Good blog, keep it up. We share a template.

billnichols said...

Nice work AAF, this is a keeper.

Afleet Treet said...


Of course you KNOW how much I just LOVE this boy and what an impressive horse he is in person! WOW! Nearly knocked my socks off for sure!!!

Gooooooooooo Curlinnnnnnnnnn!!!!