Saturday, June 2, 2012

WillHooksfromtheBronx's Troubled Career

Breaking News - Daily Racing Form is reporting on their website that WillHooksfromtheBronx, finished a 2 mile workout in 15 minutes.  WillHooksfromtheBronx was guided to the outside rail for his workout as many other workers were finishing their 2 minute lick workouts (Two-minute lick: To gallop at a rate of a mile in two minutes) According to NYRA sources WillHooksfromtheBronx is a 31 year old horse out of a top quality pedigreed family.  Unfortunately WillHooksfromtheBronx has missed time on the track due to numerous issues, and even underwent Shock Wave Therapy, the same procedure that was undertaken by the Triple Crown possible contender I'llHaveAnother.

WillHooksfromtheBronx was last listed on the work tab at Belmont Park on May 19th going 6f in 5:30 4/5, again steered to the outside rail by his exercise jockey.  NYRA has had numerous vets take a look at WillHooksfromtheBronx to verify that he is race worthy, each time the colt has failed vet exams, and it's taken a great deal of paperwork and pleading with NYRA officials to put the horse on the work tab.

WillHooksfromtheBronx has no trainer of record, rumors are that he was in the barn of Doug O'Neill, Rick Dutrow Jr, and Lou Pena, all trainers with notorious records of drug/medication violations.  NYRA did confirm that the colt did finish up the last half mile of the workout on the back of a Mercedes Benz golf cart driven by P-Diddy and Jay-Z who were both at the track to watch workouts this morning with the Owner of 2010 Juvi Champion Uncle Mo.

From all indications WillHooksfromtheBronx did make it back to his stall and is undergoing Physical Therapy, well also Mental Therapy at this time also.

Stay Tuned to DRF for more news on this late breaking situation.

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