Tuesday, December 28, 2010

The Truth about HOY - it may shock you Pt. 1

Let me get this straight, I am being called a hater because I state facts (which I believe is part of my constitutional right as a citizen) that some of you tend to ignore. Sorry but up until Sunday Zenyatta had beaten Zero Grade 1 winners in a race in which she won. Fact, if it hurts your feelings that the horse actually has weaknesses, well grow up and deal with it, they are there for all to see, 1 more fact, she never won a race in grade 1 competition against males on dirt. Fact not an opinion. Fact she never faced a competitive field of runners - plural in a race from January to October of the year. fact, she stepped up in class 2 out of 20 races and lost one of those. I apologize for not currently having my head so far up her A** that I can find objectivity. No one can argue for her HOY selection due to what occurred on the race track. Here is what you want to talk about: Drum Roll for the Top Ten reasons Zenyatta is HOY:
10. She drew fans to the game - that’s opinion
9. Her dance is cute - opinion
8. She has such personality – opinion
7. She won 19 races in a row - HOY is a 1 year award
6. Broke the all time money earning record for f/m- HOY 1 year award
5. She really deserves it so give it to her – LOL
4. She spotted the field many lengths in the BCC and almost won - well Blame was tactical and did win.
3 She would have won the big 4 races in Cali and other prestigious races had she entered - The ducked those races
2. She defeated Switch who won a grade 1 - Yes in a sprint and for someone to feel the need to post an article about that touting the 3 year old switch as her claim to fame in 2010, well that’s embarrassing.
#1 - Jerry Moss really wants the award so just give it to him - Well other connections actually campaign their horses as if they are champion horses and not to beat allowance quality fillies in the lowest quality races to be found in Cali while ducking every race of insignificance along the way in an effort to take down "Pepper's Pride".

If stating facts and mentioning weaknesses in her resume for 2010 that others, including paid writers for horse racing publications seem to want ot brush aside is hating, put me down as a hater, "Of Her Connections" the cowards that push the buttons, but don’t try to make me out to be a villain with regards to the horse. She ran at my home track back in 08 in the Apple blossom (way before the vast majority of you band wagon jumpers got on board) I was there that day and taunted her as possibly the second coming. Blame (no pun intended) Jerry Moss and his trainer for Lowering the bar for this mare and making her run against the Emmy Darlings of the world over and over again. (Lets make it clear when someone says that a man that has 14 wins in the year 2010 and ranks 31st on the money earnings list should be voted eclipse award winning trainer, there is something wrong with that picture) And when a horse faces 159 horses and only 23 of them are Grade 1 quality well You do the math I’m just saying.
Part 2 will be released 12/29/2010 at 7:00 pm


Anonymous said...

I think I am as objective as they come when it comes to Z...I have been here in SoCal in the middle of the madness from day one and I was in the very small minority that thought RA was a no doubt HOY last year.....all that being said I disagree that Blame deserves it this year....and I say this because of what arose last year and the whole "You don't need to win the BC Classic to be HOY because it is judged by your body of work." If I am being honest you are looking to have it both ways because you are now ignoring her "body of work" don't give me that crap that there were inferior horses in her G1's THEY WERE G1's all she can do is line up and beat them and she did, 5 times at 4 different tracks where Blame only did it 3 times at 2 different tracks and was manhandled by Haynesfield in NY and don't give me that head to head stuff either because it was an inch and there is no doubt who the best horse was.

AfleetAlexForever said...

I appreciate your objectivity, its very refreshing, the question I have and I ask it without sarcasm or anything but what about her resume in 2010 changed in comparison with 2009 when her or the argument was stronger due to actually winning the biggest race (which there is only 1 per year) that she ran in. I do hope you understand that I love Zenyatta I think she is magnificent, because I have zero respect for her owner I get thrown into a hater of Zenyatta box and that’s simply not true and certainly not fair when she can’t control what her owners do or the lack of respect or faith in her ability to handle a competitive campaign, and that is the key to it, the races she ran in from Jan-October each year were way beneath her. A HOY body of work is not 5 Grade 1 on paper races in so cal against fillies and mares coming out of the optional claimer or allowance ranks. If you feel that it is you’re entitled to your opinion but that’s about all it is. A horse running in a grade 3 against 5 grade 1 winners is running in a grade 1 quality field, a horse running in a grade 1 against horses that ran 2 months earlier in optional claimers and allowance horses is running in a allowance quality field at best. That’s horse racing and you can’t change rules to fit the guidelines or bolster the record or resume of 1 horse. I am not sure what crap you are talking about when you speak of horses like Pretty Katherine, Emmy Darling, Moon De French, Princess Taylor, and Dance to my tune and Floating Heart. If you think those are anything more than inferior horses then well really we don’t have anything else to discuss because I have an understanding of your grasp of the most fundamental aspects of horse racing. Quality Road a multiple Grade 1 winner and track record holder at numerous venues is a quality grade1 horse, Dance to my tune whose life time record is 1-16 is what you would call inferior. Haynesfield with 9 wins out of 14 starts is what you would call a horse that is likely to spring an upset against a very good horse if the circumstances are set up correctly. And I only wish that Zenyatta had been in that race so that you could all see what would have happened with less traffic and a loose speed horse on the lead relaxed. Blame was 4 back but my thinking is Zen would have finished 6 back. But here’s the problem while Blame was running in difficult races and actually lost 1. Zenyatta was still be coddled through the same lack luster races and competition horses that hadn’t won a race in 12 to 18 months, 3 year olds in Switch that made her run hard to get wins. See you see things one way, I see things factually. 1:50.71 at Oaklawn was pedestrian; you might feel it was an awesome victory. Rachel never ran a race slower than 1:49 at 9 furlongs even when not 100% fit; Zen was quite fit for that race Rachel only ran her Mother Goose in 1:46.33, therefore scaring Moss away back in 09. Im just saying.

Anonymous said...

Anyone using 'LOL' in an article trying to prove solid facts only diminishes their credibilty.

Anonymous said...

you are a fag

Anonymous said...

This may shock you: The horses that RA faced:Best Lass,C.S. Silk,Songtress,Symbology,Argyle Pink,Pride,Sara Louise,Selective,War Echo,Dream Empress,Super Poni,Pearl Of Valor,Bootprints,Lil Hottie,My Spanx,Lake Lugano,Hello Again,Affirmed Truth,Peach Brew,Afleet Deceit,War Tigress,African Skies,Four Gifts,Our Dahlia,Flying Spur,Cats,Bon Jovi Girl,Just Jenda,Tweeter,Gabby's Golden Gal,Nan,Be Fair,Stone Legacy,Take the Points,Tone it Down,Pioneer of the Nile,Friesan Fire,General Quarters,Luv Gov,Terrian,Papa Clem,Big Drama,Flying Private,Muskat Man,Mine That Bird,Flashing,Malibu Prayer,Bunker Hill,Atomic Rain,Duke of Mischief,Munnings,Summer Bird,Da'Tara,Cool Coal Man,Past the Point,It's A Bird,Asiatic Boy,Bullsbay,Macho Again,Zardana,Distinctive Dixie,Morena,Unrivaled Belle,Made for Magic,Multipass,Jessica is Back,Fabulous Babe,Yes She's a Lady,Hark,Stage Trick,Ask the Moon,Queen Martha,Classofsixtythree,Miss Singsix,Life At Ten,Persistantly.

She faced Be Fair,Distinctive Dixie,Papa Clem,Flying Spur,Zardana,Afleet Deceit,Sara Louise,Best Lass two times.

Are you trying to convince yourself that RA faced the better competition? Sure seems like it. What was the strongest male she faced?

Anonymous said...

You must be blind to think that 2009 Woodward was a grade 1 field.