Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Zenyatta Overrated, Watch this Video


I happen to agree, I hate to say it but it is what it is. Listen to this guy and let me know what you think.

If you'll recall i posted an article back in Nov 08. Please re read the article

Does the level of competition have an effect on Horse of the Year voting?

There has been a great deal of debate about the level of competition that both Horse of the Year candidates faced. The body of work is very important when trying to understand the criteria that a voter should use to place a vote for Horse of the Year. Lets Break down the level of competition for each of the candidates: Zenyatta raced 7 times this year. 3 times in Grade 2 races, and 4 times in Grade 1 level races. In the El Elcino Stakes, a Grade 2 race, she faced 1 Grade 1 horse, Tough Tiz’s Sis. The rest of the field was made up of Romance is Diane, Dawn after Dawn, Indescribable, and Fleet Caroline. In the Apple Blossom she faced 1 Grade 1 horse, Ginger Punch. The rest of the field was made up of Brownie Points, Lemon Drop Mom, Clever Strike, and Kettleoneup. In the Milady H, Zenyatta raced against Santa Teresita, Kris’ Sis, Romance is Diane & Double Trouble. In this Grade 2 race there were no grade 1 stakes winners. In the Vanity H, she faced 1 Grade 1 horse again in Tough Tiz’s Sis. The rest of the field was made up of Silver Swallow Silver Z, Sealy Hill, Fleetheart and andmoreagain. In the Clement L. Hirsch Zenyatta faced 1 Grade 1 winner again in Tough Tiz’s Sis. The rest of the field was made up of Model, Romance is Diane West Coast Swing, Silver Swallow, Silver Z, and Dawn after Dawn. In the Lady’s Secret, Zenyatta faced 1 Grade 1 winner in Hystericalady. The rest of the field included Santa Teresita and Super Freaky. And in the Ladies Classic, Zenyatta faced 5 Grade 1 winners, Cocoa Beach, Music Note, Carriage Trail, Hystericalady and Ginger Punch. The rest of the field included Santa Teresita and Bear now. So in 7 races Zenyatta faced 37 other mares of which 6 were grade 1 winners. Curlin raced 7 times this year. 6 Times in Grade 1 level races. In the Jaguar Trophy he faced no grade 1 winners. In the Dubai World Cup Curlin faced 5 Grade 1 winners in Great Hunter, Happy Boy, Premium Tap, Vermillion and Well Armed. The rest of the field included Gloria De Campeao, Sway Yed, Lucky Find, Jalil and Kocab. In the Stephen Foster Curlin faced 2 Grade 1 winners in Einstein and Brass Hat. The rest of the field included Barcola, Grasshopper, Jonesboro, Delightful Kiss, Sam P High Blues and Red Rock Creek. In the Man O’ War Curlin faced 3 Grade 1 winners in Red Rocks, Better Talk Now and Grand Couturier. The other starters were Mission Approved, True Cause, and Sudan. In the Woodward Curlin faced 1 Grade 1 winner in Divine Park, the rest of the field included Past the Point, Wandering Boy, A.P.Arrow, Loose Leaf, and Out of Control. In the JCGC he faced no Grade 1 winners in a field that included 7 others. And in the B.C. Classic Curlin faced 7 Grade 1 winners. The other starters were Smooth Air, Fairbanks and Casino Drive. Curlin faced 55 horses this year of which 18 of these horses were Grade 1 quality. So to keep it quite short, if the body of work does have anything to do with Horse of the year voting and I believe it does this category goes directly to Curlin, hands down, he faced far better competition. Just a point to keep in mind.


Anonymous said...

You agree with a pissed off rookie wannabe handicapper who have lost everytime he bet against Zenyatta?

Wow dude....that kid is about as impartial as you are.

afleetalexforever said...

Dear anonymous, whenever Zenyatta is entered in a race where grade 1 competition is pointing then you can try to make a point.

Anonymous said...

Compare to what? Rachel's glorified claiming races? don't be ridiculous.
Zenyatta outclasses Rachel by leaps and bounds. At least Zenyatta's races are grade 1 and all top mares are welcome to try their luck but just like Rachel they are all scared.
The sooner you accept this fact, you'd be laughed at less. But that won't happen because you are so in love with this Hoax of the Year.

Mark Robinson said...

Nice up to date blog. Gotta love you so called experts who don't know sh-t and are too lazy to keep up their blogs. Go away you phony.

Jimsjam33 said...

You better delete this video . It looks like sour grapes all the way . Why in the world would anyone want to downgrade greatness just because a horse is from the West coast vs. East coast BS . The video apparently filmed early last year had all the blah blah arguments most handicappers were in agreement with for the time period , but they were wrong about Zenyatta and now it's time to get over it .

Anonymous said...

Why don't you post the horses RA raced against and the types of races? I'm guessing because you blog is blinding with all of it's bias, maybe also becasue either know or don't want to know that RA also faced horses like the ones you use "against" Zenyatta. Also, there is the fact that RA lost to the type of horses you speak of.

By the way, I like both horses, what I don't care for is bias trying to be passed off as facts.

Your article should look at both sides and take into account any and all possible varibles. Even then, I doubt a definite conclusion could not be made. Only an opinion.