Thursday, August 27, 2009

Rachel Alexandra – Her next start, the 2009 Woodward

Rachel to the WoodWard - History in the making!!!!

As the 2009 racing season began, there were many expectations for a number of top horses. Out west the Pamplemousse and Pioneer of the Nile were highly talked about. On the East coast Quality Road and Captain Candyman Can, Dunkirk was all the talk, and in the mid west, Old Fashioned and Friesan Fire were high on everyone’s buzz list. There was a filly though that made quite an impression in the running of the Martha Washington Stakes, her name is Rachel Alexandra and if you haven’t heard of her by now, you would need to wake up from the trance or coma you are in because her name is synonymous with Horse Racing on a level not seen since the likes of Barbaro or Smarty Jones.
Many were very disappointed due to the announcement that she would bypass the Travers and head to the Woodward, some of her detractor’s state this is an easier spot. I for one using sound reasoning do not feel that way at all. Comparing horses like Quality Road with 2 starts in 4 months to horses like Macho Again, BullsBay and the other possible showing up on Woodward day means that this won’t likely be an easy route. I don’t feel that she will be headed but I think that it will come down to her high cruising speed and the ability to turn it on in the final turn after straightening out. Rachel is a pleasure to watch in everything she does from her races, to her workouts, to her prancing around in the paddock down to her taking baths in the morning after going to the track. I love the fact that she prepped in Arkansas at Oaklawn Park. And I will enjoy even more so making my first trip to Saratoga Race course to watch the running of the Woodward. Stating the obvious is unneeded but this will be a great experience and one I won’t soon forget.
Will Rachel Win, most likely but she may have to work next Saturday to get into the winners circle. Who will provide her the most difficulty, sadly whomever sends their horse will be compromised, looking at the list of nominations, I see that Jonesboro is a possible, so is It’s a bird, Da’Tara, Bullsbay and possibly Bribon. The front is where they would want to be watching because if the fractions are too slow she will go straight to the lead and most likely prance away with the victory. But this is a field of competitors that Rachel has not seen before and we will get a chance to see what she is really made of. I hope everyone enjoys the day of racing on Travers Day and also the Woodward weekend, it should be exciting.

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Jimsjam33 said...

I want to express my opinion of what the " Woodward Stakes " means this weekend . Rachel Alexandra is entered in the Grade 1 $ 750,000 race at Saratoga going a mile and a eighth .
This race will be her most ambitious effort and by far her most difficult. Why ? Because it's against older males who are quality Grade one types .
Let me enumerate . Da Tara is the only horse in this field who does not belong ! Will he be a rabbit to wear RA down . Yes !
Bullsbay is a horse the size of a mule , 1250 lbs , . The others running are Cool Cool Man , Macho Again , It's a Bird , Asiatic Boy , and Past the Point.
All the experts are saying Rachel is a lock to win this race , but don't think so . At 1 to 2 she should be a lock , but I think the other trainers may be coming up with a plan to keep Rachel out of the Winners Circle.
I think Rachel will be boxed in prior to reaching the quarter pole and placed to the rear of the pack . Calvin Borel will try a suicide path to destruction along the rail . Rachel never goes there so it will be interesting .
If Rachel wins she must be declared the greatest Filly or mare in the history of horse racing . I don't think she will win because she won't get a good trip with these gang bangers looking to mug her .
Asiatic Boy or Macho Again will prevail . Bullsbay will sacrifice himself mugging RA all the way around. It's unbelievable . Let's see what happens .